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On the discovery of discipline


After a long bunch of dreary posts, I thought I might share a little something cheerful.

I’ve started writing again. I mean writing for myself, rather than just for loaded clients and agencies that pay me to write junk for them. And what a number of self discoveries I’ve had since!

Not least important of them is willpower. I’ve never known myself to be a particularly disciplined man. I let myself be run by my distractions and tangents. And that’s not entirely a bad thing in itself. But to see myself willing to cut off from everything else in the world and just write. I’ve never known I had such a thing in me.

I’ve been working on my novel for a few weeks now, but the last couple of days have been such a ride. And that’s due mainly because I’ve decided to not let anything else take over. The desire to finish this one is bigger than anything else right now. And I’m secretly proud of it, too.

All I need now is luck from all the places it can come from. Wish it to me good folks, that I might finish this piece and soon get it published!


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The first few words

So, after months of thinking and procrastinating, I finally started
work on the novel.

Was a massively rainy day yesterday, with no electricity for the large part of the day. Which basically means that my century-old laptop wouldn’t come on. Which, in turn, means I went back to the good old pen and paper to get the writing done.

It felt great to go back to the rudimentary devices in our type-happy times. 🙂 Even though I know it’s going to be a pain in the future, typing the whole thing out. Ah but what the heck. I love paper-pen!

Anyone out there still using pen and paper?


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Procrastination ends fun

For the last three months, I’ve been thinking of starting work on my first novel. Problem is, that’s all I’ve been doing. Sometimes I blame it on the business of life. Sometimes I call the lack of clarity the culprit. Truth is, I just haven’t gotten down to typing the thing down. What a shame, I say to myself sometimes, and then it passes, and then I’m as lucid as ever.

Simply put, it’s a classic case of a lazy writer.

Anyone got any suggestions to get over laziness?


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I think I’m going to do this!

Cristian Mihai

One more month until NaNoWriMo starts. More or less.

For those of you who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, we’re talking about a competition that takes part in November. The goal is to write a novel. 50K words or more. That’s not so bad. It’s like 1,600 words a day or something like that.

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