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Why all plastic is not bad

The last few days in Bombay have been incredibly, astoundingly hot. Yes, there are other cities hotter than that in India. But one only talks about what one knows and experiences. So, the last few days in Bombay have been excruciatingly hot. And any form of exercise (which I generally cannot get myself up to anyway) has been nearly impossible.

But last night, sitting at home bored out of my wits, I decided to step out for a walk. And behold! The winds went crazy, the skies opened up and there I was. In the middle of Bombay’s first rains this year. And as always, it felt beautiful. I’d use fancier words, but beautiful is the only word that really describes what I felt.

I didn’t have any water-damageable goods on me. So I didn’t have to take cover under anything and deprive myself of the pleasure. But that’s not going to matter when the monsoon really comes down hard. I’ve had a habit of just putting all damageable stuff into a strong plastic bag and walking out in the rain, never worrying about what i might lose.

I can’t help it.


P.S. A beautiful song by The Beatles called, of course, Rain.


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Happy Birthday to me.


It was my birthday yesterday. And as the old cliche goes, I am now officially a year older and none the wiser. Of course, there are people who might want to be nice and say that can’t be true. So, to prove those good hearted folks wrong, here’s a picture of a birthday gift I gave to myself. A helpful background note: This would be the sixth of such gifts to myself. And I’m not even a half decent player.


P.S. This is what I’m currently trying to learn. 🙂200097_1_granada_acoustic_guitar_dreadnought_12_string_prld18_12st_natural

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Can I have a cappuccino, with a dash of irony, please?

Hello, hello. I’ve noticed that the last few posts on my blog have been, let’s say, a bit sombre. So I thought I might share some irony with you today. And, as they’d say in Hollywood, this post is based on a real life story.

So, I was at a coffee shop last morning, waiting for a hot cuppa before I began reading something mildly interesting. And I happened to notice the wall next to me. And the first thing my eye fell upo was this little piece of engraved pomposity above. A coffee shop that prides itself in the conservation of wildlife and all things natural.

At first, I felt glad. Then, I felt a little sick in the stomach. I would have blamed it on the coffee, only it hadn’t arrived just yet. Then I realised that it was the wall. The whole thing was made of wood.

Now, I don’t quite follow how someone can say they’re proud of themselves for saving natural resources by putting up the message on stuff made by chopping trees.

And the thing is, when I don’t really follow something, I tend to get a little sick in the stomach. Mystery solved. Irony enjoyed.

P.S.: Since this is a public blog, I don’t suppose I should be telling you that the coffee shop was a Cafe Coffee Day in Bangalore. So I won’t tell you that.



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Sometimes, all it takes to clear your head is a full tank.

It would be nice to think that I wrote such a cool headline for this post. But, I did not. I found this line lying around on an old near-dysfunctional website, when I was looking for some inspiration for this post. Thank you, anonymous for your line. And now, I shall proceed to write what I intended to.

It’s been a fairly rough week. With a bunch of unplanned meetings, almost no reading time, barely any coffee and one too many cigarettes. And just last night, I received word that a friend’s father is in a very bad way after a cardiac arrest. With all of this (and a bit more that I intend not to speak about) I was left with only one option. My good friend, Jim. Jim’s about 40 years old, makes a stunning noise every time he wakes up and guzzles like a fish, nay, a shark. Jim is my faithful ol’ Royal Enfield. And I am a little corny for naming him. 

To continue, since I’ve been having such a joyful week, I decided it was time for Jim and I to have a chat. So I kickstarted him, and off we went for a ride. He’s beginning to get a bit rusty, I must say. He threatened to die on me at least thrice during the ride – which was only about 50 kilometers. But he endured. And I’m glad he did.

It was again one of those freeing experiences. Nothing to worry about but the moron ahead of me who signalled left and steered right twice. No answers to answer. No herd to follow. No compartments to be fit in. No religions to bow to. No philosophies to agree with. No politics to disdain. No bosses to nod to. No judgements to worry about. Just to road, Jim and me.

Mr. Anonymous was right, indeed. Sometimes, all it takes to clear your head is a full tank.


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Awoke this morning to the sound of rain outside my window. Although, it wasn’t the gentle pitter-patter that is so common in movie scenes. It was the kind of rain most people would hide away from. Loud and lashing hard. Complete with thunder and lightning. And, as always happens in my part of the world, soon after the rain started, there was a faint ‘thump’ somewhere in the distance and the lights went off. It was, however, gratifying to be reminded of the simplicity of cooking one’s own coffee rather than an electric machine boiling it for you. On that note, I shall go away and drench myself in the madness while dogs and other people on the streets look at me in amusement.

P.S.: I make instant friends with people who like the rain. Anyone?

P.P.S.: Here’s a lesser-known, under appreciated Beatles song that I really like. Of course, it’s about rain. And life.


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I heard the song today, oh boy!

It’s been a while since I’ve heard any of the Beatles’ music, love them as I do. But after my earlier post today, I pulled up my Beatles playlist and did not put it on shuffle. It was great, the progression of the band from the early Love Me Do days to the Strawberry Fields Forever times. And in particular, I heard one song on loop: A Day in The Life. I’ve heard it many times before, but this time it (again) hit me square in the chest.

Lennon, it gets clearer the more you listen to his music, had a particular knack of commenting on the current problems in society. I won’t even dare to sit and break his songs down for meaning. But he brings this feel into his music that is difficult for most artists to do. He writes with such emotion that you are forced to think. Then again, it’s not just emotion. He’s one of the wiliest craftsmen you’ll ever come across. The way he plays with words, the way he moulds a story and keeps you wanting more. A case in point would be Norwegian Wood, where the song, in my opinion, gets over a little too quickly. You want to hear that melody and that gentle rhyme over and over again. But teaser that he is, Lennon ends it in two short verses.

I salute the man for all his talent. Any other Lennon fans out there?


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Helter Skelter

Hello, good world. And a very good morning to you. (Wherever it is morning, that is.)

I woke up this morning thinking about something that I had not thought about in a long time. Music. For some reason, I’ve been away from this most amazing art for a while. And I can’t seem to understand why. But that’s not really what I woke up thinking about.

When I opened my eyes this morning, the boys next door were playing (correction: loudly playing) some Greenday song. And I couldn’t help but think that even the loudness in today’s music isn’t so much fun. There’s no bigness in it, if you get my drift. I mean, when I think loud, crash-boom-bang music, I think Led Zeppelin, or The Who, Jimi Hendrix, or even The Beatles with their maddening Helter Skelter. I don’t think Greenday or any of the new guys. I’m not necessarily saying they’re bad. Just not to my taste.

Alright, let’s leave the loud music behind. Even when it comes to the softer stuff, I’m forced to think of Simon and Garfunkel, Annie Lennox, Janis Joplin. I can’t think Dido or her contemporaries. There’s something missing there. They seem to be playing to the crowds, not to their own inner musicians. And forgive me, but I believe there’s something essentially, inherently wrong with that kind of music.

I’ll cut out the caustic blathering now, and let you have a wonderful day, or night. 🙂


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I signed up with WordPress just this morning. And as I began to find my way through the jungle of links, I came across one that could recommend other interesting blogs to me based on category. I was browsing through and came to the Travel link. Strangely enough, it had an airplane representing it. I wonder when this happened, this switch from perhaps a simple old fashioned map to this monstrous fuel-guzzling flying machine. I wonder when people simply stopped travelling and started getting from Point A to Point B by way of a turbulent bus in the air.

Come to think of it, so much has changed already, and I haven’t even crossed the 30 mark yet.


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To whoever stumbles upon this blog, I’ve never written one before. And frankly, I’m not sure what I’m going to be writing about here. I suspect it will be musings, mainly. And perhaps a bit of rambling. Though, of course, they’re the same thing. See, this is what I’m talking about. Tangents as well.

Let’s hope something meaningful comes out of this.


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