About me

I am the self-appointed chef in my house. I am also an enthusiastic photographer, a jaded former-ad-man, a Janis Joplin freak, and sometimes, a writer. As of now, I work as a freelance writer in Bangalore. Oh, that reminds me of the usual plug – if you want something written for your website / brochure / other, please feel free to write to me at kahat.kabir.suno@gmail.com

That’s pretty much it, I suppose. Unless, of course, things change sometime in the near future.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. You forgot mischevious. I think you are 🙂

  2. Hi Kabir- I found you through the Lee and Low blog. Nice to “meet” you. It seems we have much in common. I’m also our house chef/photographer/traveler/writer/blogger. I haven’t been to Bangalore but I have been to Hyderabad. Have you been to the eastern US where I live?

    • kabir

      Hey, Michelle! Nice to ‘catch up’ with you, too. I just dabble in all those things, and I’m sure you’re way better than I. ) Hyderabad! That’s close enough. 🙂 And unfortunately, I don’t quite have a passport yet. So I haven’t been to any other part of the world but India (which also, I haven’t fully explored yet!)

      See you around?


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