Two print ads against child sexual abuse

If you read my earlier post about child sexual abuse, you’d know that I’ve been working with an NGO for this cause – or against it, whichever way one looks at it. So yesterday, I was asked to try out a hard hitting print advertising campaign. Something that would drive home a message. I’ve worked something out. And I think I could do with words of advice from everybody.

Would you like to tell me how to better these ads?


P.S.: I can’t name the organisation now because of certain legalities. And for the same reason, I’d request you to not circulate these ads just yet. Many thanks.



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7 thoughts on “Two print ads against child sexual abuse

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  2. the walrus

    I do think these ads work perfectly fine. I think they drive home the message very well. Yes, I did find them very disturbing. But that may just be a function of us finding ‘bitter truths’ disturbing.

    But thank you for posting these.

    • Thanks for your comment. These are still works in progress. Hope we’re able to release them.

      Nice name, by the way! 🙂


  3. Nimi

    Disturbing; left me troubled and helpless…I hope you get to release them soon.
    Thank you for making them

    • I’m sorry it disturbed you. But I do believe some things need to shake us up a bit for us to do something.

      Thanks for dropping in, and for your comment and wishes.


  4. q

    these really drove the message home for me.
    hard message, but one that needs to get out there.

  5. Thank you, Q. And I do agree with you completely.

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