Recipe for rape: Add chow mein to taste.

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There is a man called Jitender Chatter in India. He is part of the Gram Panchayat (governing body) of about 25 villages in Haryana. He believes that one of the leading causes of rape in India is the consumption of chow mein – among other fast foods. He believes – and propagates – that because we consume such foods these days, our ‘sex hormones’ run wild. And believe you me, I’m nearly paraphrasing him. He has also suggests that the legal marriagable age of girls be brought down to 16. His reasoning is similar; similarly vague. To his credit, he makes one sane suggestion: about training rural Indian women in self defense. Though, he fails to flesh out the plan and offer any hard solutions about who is going to train them, etcetera.

But, of course, he’s not the only one providing logic for rape. Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal, insists that cases of rape are on the rise because men and women interact too freely in an open society which is akin to an open market.  She also reckons that the media not ‘glorify’ rape by talking about it much. One imagines that her suggestion is to swipe this issue under the proverbial carpet. If the CM of a state can issue such statements ‘freely’, I don’t quite follow where my country is headed. Perhaps we should step back a hundred years when holding hands in public was considered obscene?

And then there are the regulars who insist that if only women would ‘know their limits’ and dress appropriately, they would not be raped. This coming from people who are probably not aware that rapes happen in ‘hip’ urban areas as much as in villages where women dress anything but conservatively.

We talk about laws. But what about their implementation? We talk about punishments. But what about the lives of the victims? We talk about freedom of speech. But what about the freedom to live?

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7 thoughts on “Recipe for rape: Add chow mein to taste.

  1. What all these public figures need is an education and a reality check. Too bad there’s no one who can give it to them. Chatter will just have them killed for besmirching his honour and Mamata di will just have them arrested.

    • I reckon what they want is a good thrashing every once in a while. But then again, I prefer the non-violent side of affairs. So that leaves slaps out. So perhaps it’s time to do a Woodstock on them?

      Perhaps men and women from around the country (and the world) go around holding hands and displaying general affection in public en masse? And perhaps Chatter should be given a supply of free chow mein from various restaurants for a year or when his brains start working, whichever is earlier?

      Perhaps hippieness is the answer to such ridiculousness? Because, after all, how many people can Chatter get killed? And how many can Mamata Dodo get arrested?



  2. Mamta Banerjee is often in news for hilarious logic and comments. There is no point in expecting anything better from her. Its funny that the people of West Bengal have tolerated her for long.

    As for this Chatter guy, I feel he should be fed better new versions of fast food to see his logic against them. It would be great to watch him comment on something as simple as a HOT DOG!

    • 😀 I reckon he’d say, “Think about it! The name itself has hot in it! What do you expect when you eat such things!”

      • ha..ha..imagine such idiots grabbing our notice. One is a commoner and the other a CM! Whew…..

        Imagine what Kejriwal would say!!! Corruption is the root cause of Rapes!! The minds og young men and women are corrupted and therefore, they are doing this! Therefore, Manmohan Singh should resign and Sonia Gandhi should pack up her bags !!

      • I concur!


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