I heard the song today, oh boy!

It’s been a while since I’ve heard any of the Beatles’ music, love them as I do. But after my earlier post today, I pulled up my Beatles playlist and did not put it on shuffle. It was great, the progression of the band from the early Love Me Do days to the Strawberry Fields Forever times. And in particular, I heard one song on loop: A Day in The Life. I’ve heard it many times before, but this time it (again) hit me square in the chest.

Lennon, it gets clearer the more you listen to his music, had a particular knack of commenting on the current problems in society. I won’t even dare to sit and break his songs down for meaning. But he brings this feel into his music that is difficult for most artists to do. He writes with such emotion that you are forced to think. Then again, it’s not just emotion. He’s one of the wiliest craftsmen you’ll ever come across. The way he plays with words, the way he moulds a story and keeps you wanting more. A case in point would be Norwegian Wood, where the song, in my opinion, gets over a little too quickly. You want to hear that melody and that gentle rhyme over and over again. But teaser that he is, Lennon ends it in two short verses.

I salute the man for all his talent. Any other Lennon fans out there?


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9 thoughts on “I heard the song today, oh boy!

  1. Kabir, please go to http://www.igrooveradio.com/playlist.
    That’s where. I work, we put up a beatles playlist today.

    • kabir

      Yay! Thank you, much! Looks like a cool place to work at, Ms. Global Marketing Head.

      • Doris Ogale

        lol, you are so funny

      • kabir

        Funny? Me? Come on!

      • Doris Ogale

        yes you, hilarious even

      • kabir

        Oh dear! Now she’s gone and called me hilarious! What’ll I do, what’ll I do!

      • Doris Ogale

        Run off into the rain without shoes on, the better to feel the soft earth ,and laugh your head off ofcourse!

      • kabir

        What an idea! What a bright idea! 🙂

        Listen, I’m in a place where I could do with all the help I can get. Trying to do something meaningful. I’ve posted about it just now. Could you give it a thought when you have some time?

      • Doris Ogale

        Sure, just seeing this now, I’ve been so busy.

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